More than 90% of companies that invest in Google Adwords waste their money, and it’s normal, the most of people think that it’s only about configure campaigns, have a professional web page and that’s all, but there is much more, every single detail it’s crucial for a campaign to have success or become a huge fail.

Our service includes:

  • Competition Analysis and keywords.
  • Review and recommendations about destination page.
  • Creation of the account on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and similar.
  • Campaign creation and optimized ads for conversion.
  • Analysis, testing and optimization to increase results.
  • Free bonus application.
  • Positioning CPA, CPM, CPL and affiliates.

Positioning using Google Adwords, Bing Ads and similar platforms is instantaneous, you can segment very well to those we show our ads and they ask for a little amount of money for each visit to the web.

*We are certified by Google and other web browsers, what demonstrate we are updated in relation to parameters to consider for a better positioning on web browsers, in addition we have professional tools and resources permit us stand out over the competition.