The internet and The Companies                  

At a world level XXI century has been mainly characterized by great technologic advancements, and also, the improvement caused by the use of the internet in every area of the human’s daily life. The internet and the companies have played an important role in this worldwide phenomenon, since both of them have had to adjust to the advantages and disadvantages that brings the merge of the internet to the business world. Nowadays, the internet is usually available for a great number of people, which has changed the way we communicate and also has changed the way a company needs to be conducted. In fact, even the commercial communication, offer opportunities, products or services have been key to keep running both traditional and online companies.

Currently the internet and the companies go hand by hand; the web in companies is used to improve communication channels through immediate emails that may have essential information to solve any sort of issue, they can also contain clients’ data to proceed with sales or even make easier to deliver detailed information about a product.

Internet Benefits for the Companies

            The existent relationship between the internet and the companies is based in building a strategic tool to make important decisions easier, since its appropriate utilization may make easier the work process, the means of communication and the way people from work and clients interact. In fact, given the limited access to people it is possible to make a major exposition and publicity of companies through social media campaigns or even through websites. At the same time, the internet has made easier to manage information about referential data of any kind, even if it is economic, social, politic or marketing data. In addition, the internet has generated new ways of working from a distance which brings good consequences such as lowering costs of transportation for workers to the companies and other related costs. Another benefit that comes with the internet is the possibility of direct sales which permits companies to eliminate any intermediary service for sales. In the same way, gathering data and dealing with paperwork became easier because know the client can fill that information through the website and digitalizing information by hand is unnecessary.

                  The internet and the companies have formed an undeniable work bond due to the multiple benefits of their association which have been more than substantial than all possible disadvantages.

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