We are a solid call center, stable with a wide telesales experience, customer service, CRP and ERP management and more.

Our work method is simple and effective, we are really organized and responsible, and you would verify our daily activity real time from your mobile phone or computer (or using any tech device)

We can prepare an effective script and start calling and following up the target we defined. (We have a segmented database).

We work with clients from different sectors (Real estate agency, solar energy, telephony, education, natural products, direct sales, etc) we speak Spanish and English fluently.

50€/10 hours
You may try our service for during 10 hours for 50€, in that way you may confirm our dedication, commitment and effectiveness. Then the cost will be 7€ per hour.
Personalized Price
We can offer you a service that suits your business needs. Contact us and we will answer any questions with delight.